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Financial calendar for PCI Biotech Holding ASA

Posted on Jul 10, 2018

Updated financial calendar 2018: Half-yearly Report 2018: 30.08.2018 FINANCIAL YEAR 2018 30.08.2018 – Half-yearly Report 13.11.2018 – Quarterly Report – Q3 Please note that the financial calendar may be subject to changes. Any changes will be communicated.  For further information, please contact: Ronny Skuggedal, CFO,, Mobile: +47 9400 5757 Contact information: PCI Biotech Holding ASA, Ullernchausséen […]

Extension of preclinical research collaboration agreement with a top-10 large pharma company

Posted on Jun 15, 2018

Oslo (Norway), 15 June 2018 – PCI Biotech (OSE: PCIB), a cancer focused biopharmaceutical company today announced that they are extending the preclinical research collaboration with an undisclosed top-10 pharma company, initiated in September 2015. The extended evaluation period spans over 6 months, until the end of December 2018, and may be further extended. The […]

Minutes from Annual General Meeting 2018

Posted on May 29, 2018

Oslo, 29 May 2018. The Annual General Meeting in PCI Biotech Holding ASA took place today, 29 May 2018. All proposals in the call were approved. The Board of Directors consists of the following members until the next Annual General Meeting:   * Hans Peter Bøhn, chairman   * Hilde H. Steineger, member   * […]